8 Benefits Of Unarmed Security Guard Service You Should Know!

Best Unarmed Security Guards Service

Every property owner fears trespassing and vandalism. Increased rates of street crime and robberies are also alarming for people responsible for taking care of a certain property. There are many ways to enhance the security of a building.

A lot of business owners and proactive homeowners strive to create a security budget to make their properties as safe as possible. You can install safe access systems, tough doors, surveillance cameras and hire patrolling services.

You can either hire armed or unarmed security guards to protect your property. A lot of people generally assume that armed guards are more effective than unarmed security personnel.

It is time to bust this myth and talk about the benefits of hiring professionals Security Guard Service Ventura County CA.

Unarmed Security Guard Service

1. Effective Protection

Effective protection can have different meanings depending on the environment your business is working. If you are operating in a high-risk area and your business may be a target of armed robbers, you need to hire armed guards.

Other than these high-risk areas, hiring unarmed guards is the most reliable protection. They are equally effective in preventing theft or vandalism. They have gone through rigorous training so they can protect your property from intruders and trespassers.

2. Affordability

Unarmed security services are affordable as compared to armed security services. If you have a tight security budget and yet need effective protection, hire unarmed security guards. They do not have to spend money on the licensing, training and registration of firearms.

If your business is relatively small, hiring unarmed guards is a budget-friendly option. You can pair up surveillance cameras, monitoring and security guards to enjoy well-protected premises.

3. Customer Service

Most of the business owners do not realize the importance of customer service provided by the unarmed security guards. They can be effective on-site ambassadors for your business.

While they are controlling access to an area, they can have a substantial amount of interaction with the customers. They can help people navigate through the building and get to the required location.

An unarmed security guard can take clients to their cars when they can find their way through unfamiliar parking.

4. Fosters A Sense Of Security

A security guard at the premises grants you peace of mind like nothing else. It is not only reassuring for the owners but also for the employees and the clients. One needs to make a fine balance between feeling safe and being frightened of the security personnel.

The unarmed guard can be reliable as they do not carry firearms that can instill fear in some people. If you are dealing with high-end merchandise, it sends off an important signal to your clients. They can feel safe in the hands of a concerned dealer.

5. Lower Violence Risks

Gun violence scenes are not unheard of. It is always a hot topic of debate that whether the security personnel should be carrying firearms or not. The basic fear is of possible violence.

When you are hiring an unarmed security guard service, you are significantly reducing the risk of gun violence on the premises. Moreover, where there are arms, there is always a risk of accidental shots. Cut the risk to enjoy a peaceful and safe environment.

6. Monitoring

Surveillance cameras are essential for security. They can be used to combat crime and monitor daily activities by monitoring video surveillance.

A lot of security guards are not involved in active patrol but they are responsible for monitoring. Their keen eyes can spot unusual activities much faster than any other person.

7. Quick Response To Crimes

One of the primary duties of a security guard is to respond quickly in case of crimes. Unarmed guards must inform 911 as soon as they notice any crime. Most of them are skilled enough to handle the situation on their own. Quick responses can easily make up for the absence of any firearms.

8. Minimized Liability

Everyone strives to minimize liabilities. Hiring Mobile Patrolling Services Long Beach CA is safe as there is no risk of liability on the premises.

Hire armed security guards when necessary but don’t put yourself and others at risk when there is no real need.

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