Red Rose Is Perfect For Showing Love To Anyone

Red Rose

Roses are Queen of Flowers, because of their direct relations with feelings. Roses have a wide range, including their color, shape, and habitat. But here, we have a concern with red roses. Whenever we hear about the expression of love, we must have listened to Red Roses. Roses are a symbolic representation of love, beauty, and discretion. The question arising here is, Why red roses have involvement with respect? The answer is very dramatic that Roses have this worth because of its color, beauty, and historical background.

Historical Background Of Red Rose

Roses were considered very compelling and consequential in the Victorian era. They found them as a symbol of love and romance. Usually, roses were used to be given as a gift of love by lovers.

For ancient Eastern cultures, roses have depurate symbols like love, romance, passion, etc. But they belong roses a little bit with anger due to its red color.

In Arabs, they thought red roses yielded relaxing and refreshing effects on the mind as well as the soul.

Garden roses were first cultivated in China in 2700BC. There was a garden rose rather than wild. Later on, they make their colonies in different regions of the earth. Nowadays, they are found all over the world, including Europe, Asia, etc. In 600BC, a poetess Sappho write it as ”Grace of the earth.”

The Beauty Of Red Rose

Red goes with everything. The attraction of red roses is directly related to its red color. Red is such an incredible color to correlate with emotions because it is present on both sides of the spectrum. Besides, their soft and velvety petals have magical effects on human souls. Roses have prickles instead of thorns. Spines are sharp outgrowths originated from bark or stem. Roses have special needles that save them from being eaten by animals. This also shows the sensitivity of roses.

Selection Of Red Rose

Usually, a collection of red roses is a bit difficult due to its stem size variety. You will have options of short stem size, medium stem size, and long stem size. Their actual length can vary within these three categories. Mostly preferred are medium length roses.

How many red roses should give, always even number or odd? According to a survey, an uneven (uncountable) red roses are more preferred than an even number. Today the custom is to give ”bouquet of red roses” that mainly contains dozens of roses.

Rose As A Symbol Of Love

Roses are perfect flowers for love. The reason behind this, it has been believed that the goddess of love, Aphrodite created red roses… According to a survey, 70 out of 100 volunteers have chosen red roses for their loved ones. Red roses imply beauty and romance.

Some wealthy Romans used to take a bath with rose water to make their body fresh while some of them have used red roses as a decorative material. Red roses have separate love due to its massive and thrilling smell.

Modern Age Metaphor

Besides its historical love, it is still the most popular choice of youngsters for the date, courtship and expresses their love. In ancient times, red roses are used to convey their message of love because they found it difficult to express feelings in words. But regardless of the era, red roses are still the first choice. Red roses are always linked to acquaintance and ardent emotions because of their deep meanings.

Rose as a Souvenir

Rose, especially red rose is still the best choice as a gift. Because, ”Flowers they don’t tell, they showed”- Stephanie Skeem. However, most people found it very difficult to express their love in words. In this regard, it became a tradition to give flowers as a sign of love.

Roses are given either as a symbol of love or respect by love birds. People feel confident to give a single rose as well as its banquet. There are many combinations of red roses as a gift, but most preferable is red roses with chocolates.

               ”There may be many flowers in one’s life, but only one rose.”

Medicinal use of Rose

Like other plants, rose also have pharmacological importance and long history of medicinal use. It mainly acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-oxidant and mild sedative. Its prominent effects can be seen in diseases like inflamed eyes, toothache, hay fever, alleviated headache etc.

Its edible parts like petals can be used as an additive in foods. Further, the presence of the scent of rose under the pillow can also enhance sleep.

Rose as a skin protector

Rosewater is the main extract of red rose, which is considered a skin protective agent. Many Herbalists use rose water in their cosmetics because of its oil control effect on skin as well as skin’s pH balancer. Furthermore, rose water helps to moisturize and revitalize the dry skin.

Rosewater also acts as astringent, such as it cleans skin tone and open pores. Apply rose water before going to sleep, increases blood supply to the skin. Quality of hair can also be improved by using rose water. Its antifungal effect makes you feel free from dandruff.


Overall red rose is a multi-effective creation. From its concern with love to its effect on the human body, it is a comprehensive charisma. Due to its heaps of qualities, it has been the first choice of people from a hundred years ago to till now a day.

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