Rakshabandhan – The Festival of Brother And Sister

Rakshabandhan is one of the most important festivals of Hindus. We also call this Rakhi also. It is widely celebrated in Asian countries. This is a festival of the bond between brother and sister. In a different part In India, this festival is known as different names. But the love and respect of this festival are the same. There are lots of religious and emotional stories behind this festival. This is not just a festival, for siblings, this is the way to show their love. This beautiful festival is not only to celebrate between siblings. This beautiful festival, you can celebrate with anyone. You can celebrate with those, whom you treat as your brother or sister. This festival is celebrated in the whole of India. But let’s see how they celebrate 

Rakshabandhan Celebration in North India 

Raksha Bandhan is widely celebrated in North India. In North India, Raksha Bandhan is also known as Shravan Purnima also. On the last day of Shravan month,  sisters tie a holy thread in their brother’s hand. They feed each other sweets, and brothers give the gift to the sister. The value of the holy thread is very deep. It means that the brother will take care of her sister, from every evil. It means they will always there for each other. The whole year they fight with each other. But on this day, they show their love each other. 

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Rakshabandhan Celebration in South India 

Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated in the Southern part of India. In Southern part of Indian, Rakha Bandhan is celebrated as Avani Avittam. On this day, Brahmins of the Southern part of India change their holy thread Janeu. It is said that when they changing Janeu means, Prayshchit. They take an oath that whatever, they did wrong, they will not repeat again. The scholars start their Yajur veda from this day.  This day is very important for Brahmins of Southern India. 

Raksha Bandhan Celebration in Western India 

The western coastal reason is in the near sea. The people who live in that area, their occupation is fishing. So they celebrate this day as Nariyal Purnima. It is because the month of Shravan comes with rain. It is said that after this day, monsoon will start dropping rain more. So on this day, fishermen do worship of Lord Varun and ocean. They offer coconut in their worship and pray to them for rain. Because Lord Varun is known as Hindus Rain God. They say thank you to the ocean and Lord Varuna, through the coconut. 

Raksha Bandhan Celebration in Eastern India 

In the Eastern part of India, this day is known as Jhulan Purnima. This is the celebration of love and amour of Radha- Krishna.  This is one of the biggest festivals of Vaishnavas. On this day, they celebrate the love and romance of Radha and Krishna. Followers of Radha and Krishna, decorate the swings with flowers. They celebrate their love in the rainy season, by doing singing and dancing. This is the festival of happiness and joy.  People call it Jhulan Yatra also.  For Vaishnavas , three festivals are very important Holi, Janmashtami and Jhulan Purnima. 

So now you are aware of the Raksha Bandhan celebration. This day has lots of values. Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of pure emotions and roots. This is not just about a thread and gifts. It’s all about love and care. It’s about belief and hope. Every part of India, this celebrates in different ways. But the belief and, the motive of celebration are the same. It’s about new hopes, happiness, bond, culture, joy, and enthusiasm. 

Raksha Bandhan is soon, so you started your preparation or not. If not then start as soon as possible.

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