Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Mindful Tips to consider for Helicopter tour Dubai

Imagine yourself flying over the landscape. The sounds of the engine, the wind in your hair, and that incredible view….

Imagine yourself flying over the landscape. The sounds of the engine, the wind in your hair, and that incredible view. There is nothing like a Helicopter tour Dubai for an unforgettable experience.

Dubai Helipad offers a variety of tour options. These tours fly over the city, Palm Jumeirah, and other landmarks in Dubai. It is also possible to do a sunrise or sunset flight from the helipad for a truly unique experience.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about taking one of these rides. It’s all here, from how much they cost to what safety measures are taken if there is mechanical failure.

Are Helicopter Tours Safe?

Yes, but there are some safety procedures you need to be aware of. Every helicopter has a life jacket under the seat if it crashes into water or if passengers have to jump out due to an emergency.

You will not have time for much else besides putting this on when needed. A second life jacket will be located near the door if the pilot believes you might crash over land instead of water. This one is to help keep you afloat if needed.

Every helicopter has emergency lighting in case of power failure. Passengers can see where they are going and not crash into any obstacles or people on the ground. These lights also have an SOS function that sends out a signal so rescuers can find you in case of an emergency.

There are also life rafts located under the seats to use if needed. These will help passengers stay afloat until rescuers arrive on the scene. But they do not inflate automatically, so be sure to pull this tab when necessary or risk sinking with the seat.

What to expect from a Helicopter Tour Dubai?

What does a helicopter tour offer besides a safety briefing? How much further can you expect things to go? Here’s what will happen.

1- Check-In

When you book your tour, choose if you want to do a morning or afternoon flight. Show up at the helipad on time with all applicable paperwork filled out and identification ready for inspection by staff members.

You will then receive an instruction briefing that outlines what is expected of everyone before they board. This includes making sure life jackets are worn, and rafts are ready to be deployed.

2- Weight In

When you arrive at the helipad, it will be determined if everyone and everything onboard is within safety limits. Weight restrictions are necessary to make sure passengers can get off of a helicopter fast if there’s an emergency landing.  They evenly distribute weight throughout. It ensures that the aircraft is operated most safely and efficiently.

3- Pilots

The pilots will also go over the safety precautions and flight procedures before they take off. They may even show you where emergency stuff is in case of an accident. This is not necessary, but it does show passengers that their well-being is a priority.

4- Wear Headsets

Passengers will be told to wear headsets that help them communicate with the pilot and each other. This is important as it allows everyone on board to listen in if needed for an emergency. You can get accurate information and better communication.

5- Enjoy the Ride

When the Helicopter is in the air, you can enjoy sightseeing over the city. The helicopter will not go too high up, so you can see things. But make sure to bring your camera along on this tour. You can get plenty of photo opportunities so be ready.

6- Take-Off & Landing

This part of the flight has some unique features too. The helicopter’s engine will be started, and everyone will be told to sit down with their seat belts fastened.

Then the helicopter’s engine is tested for 20 seconds by making it run faster. It simulates what would happen if you needed to go into a quick acceleration or deceleration pattern in an emergency. This helps passengers feel more comfortable once they are flying over Dubai.


Helicopter tour in Dubai are one of the most entertaining and educational ways to get to know a place. They provide an amazing experience, whether you’re in Dubai for vacations or any other purpose.

Take all the above things in mind before booking your trip. Also, rely on the Falcon Helicopter tours to enjoy a smooth ride experience.


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