All About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution

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There are various utilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: This is probably something you have heard before, but have you ever cared to find out more? If you are looking for answers, then this article is your destination. Here we will discuss the various benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM including its functional modules, technical advantages, advances capabilities etc.

Dynamics CRM
Dynamics CRM

The Prime Functional Modules of The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution:

  1. Sales: with the advanced features and functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can optimize your sales by making faster moves and grabbing more opportunities. The module comes with the capability to generate leads and analyze customer conversations that help the users to take productive decisions and manage relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM support and customization with external apps, further helps a company to operate seamlessly on a global level by allowing them to collaborate across teams, geographies etc. anytime, from anywhere.
  • Marketing: we are living in the digital era where marketing is important more than ever. Utilizing the digital platform is mandatory for any company to make it big in their industry. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users can plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns easily from start to finish. The features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, marketing module allows you to accelerate your marketing around a single, agile plan. You can enjoy a reduced marketing time, an improved brand consistency and gain valuable customer insights which thereby help the users to plan effectively and meet market demands.
  • Customer service: in order to earn the loyalty and consistency of the clients, a company needs to deliver service and consistency. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM support and customization facilities, a client company can offer efficient customer service. You can build a devoted team of professionals, powered by the advanced features of Dynamics 365 customer service and meet the specific demands and address the various issues of your customers, faster, with improved case resolution. D365 Migration and Demo would show you how the module helps your team to meet today‚Äôs customer needs.
  • Social: Microsoft Dynamics CRM support and customization allows you to manifest the best use of this module of Dynamics 365 business solutions. Dynamics 365 for social engagement connects you with your customers more effectively than before and thereby helps your organization to drive business agility, foster customer loyalty and optimize the social capabilities of your company. Microsoft Social enables you to turn sentiments into opportunities.

Technical abilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution:

  1. Accessibility: as you will find out from MicrosoftD365 Migration and Demo, the business solution suites are available on a native mobile app. Thus, all the data and CRM entities, thus needed, can be accessed from anywhere, at any given time, from the mobile application itself. Since the users can view, update and create relevant data on the go, the productivity of the company as a whole is considerably enhanced.
  2. Security: Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides for a full-proof security model with the following features:
  3. E-based security: it is a role-based security configuration.
  4. Field-level security: this feature can readily restrict the access of users to certain business impact fields, allowing only specified team members or professionals.
  5. Form based-security: this one provides the facility to configure the system in a way that it allows or restricts general access to specific forms that might expose relevant and crucial information of the company.
  6. Reporting: Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution provides a flexible and healthy SQL server portfolio of products that can be used to create, analyze, process and render reports. With a familiar and user-friendly interface, reporting becomes easier and hassle-free.

The ability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to Integrate:

The best part about Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is that it comes with SDK and API which enables it to integrate and extend, as well as customize the system. This further enables the user companies to meet the unique needs and requirements of the respective businesses. The integration capabilities also enable the user companies to connect with other systems or technologies which reduce operational costs and provide faster access to business functionalities.

There are various other benefits that come along with the integration ability of Dynamics CRM. You can find more about it from Microsoft D365 Migration and Demo.

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