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Ideas For Custom Cake’s Design

Cakes are a sure part of each birthday celebration. You will always find a cake at the birthday party. The…

Cakes are a sure part of each birthday celebration. You will always find a cake at the birthday party. The celebrations begin with a cake-cutting ceremony. Nowadays, the cakes are not only brought for the taste, but they are also bought for the decor too.

You will find various Custom Birthday Cakes at these parties, each unique in its design. These cake designs help make birthdays even more fun.

Custom Cakes Design Ideas

Here are few ideas for custom cakes design for the next birthday party of your friend or a family member:

1- Car-Themed Cake

For your car-loving friends out there, it would be a great surprise to bake a car-themed cake. You can either bake a regular cake and then decorate it with small car models or, and this the better one I think, bake the cake in the shape of a car. That way you can show your friend how much you care about them.

You can choose their favorite car and then bake the cake with the exact color scheme and shape. This cake will surely help make the birthday celebrations even more memorable for birthday boys or girls.

2- Guitar-Themed Cake

A Guitar-themed cake would be the best present for your music lover friend or family member’s birthday. You can make a mold in the shape of a guitar or you easily get it to and then bake the cake in it to make sure that you get the best cake possible for the birthday party.

3- Astronomy Themed Cake

If your child loves to explore space, then why not surprise them with a space-themed cake. The cake would be a great place to help encourage them to follow their dreams. You can make the cake multi-tier and decorate it with objects found in space such as Stars and Planets.

The cake would be blue and white with small models of the moon and stars on top of it. You could decorate the room with different pictures. Another great idea for the space-themed cake would be to make the cake in the shape of a space rocket. That would also require a multi-tiered cake but slimmer than the previous one.

4- Batman-Themed Cake

Batman is one of the beloved comic book characters of thousands of people out there. If you are planning to bake a cake for your friend or family member who is a big batman fan, then baking them a Batman-themed cake would be great.

The best thing about the cake is that you can get the decorations for the cake easily from the shops as it is quite a popular character. The cake would be black colored with batman’s gadgets placed on top of it. A small figure of batman and joker will surely brighten up the day of your friend. You could also write the famous line from the batman movies, I am Batman on top of the cake.

5- Princess-Themed Cakes

Disney Princesses are quite popular among kids, especially among young girls. That makes the princess-themed cake, the ideal cake for the girlsat their next birthday party. You can choose from the wide range of the princess depending upon which one is the birthday girl’s favorite.

A famous one of them is Elsa. For that, you would need a cake in a combination of blue and white color. You would need to decorate the cake with small Elsa figurines. Also do not forget to add small snowflakes made out of the fondant on the cake. You can decorate the room with dolls of Elsa, Blue, and White Balloons and small figurines of a snowman.

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