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How To Get A Junior Graphic Designer Job Right Out Of School

Creativity and a chance at a lucrative career are the focus of graphic design programs across the country. Professional graphic…

Creativity and a chance at a lucrative career are the focus of graphic design programs across the country. Professional graphic designers can find opportunities in an almost unlimited number of places; magazine ads, billboards, and 3D animation used in a variety of electronic media applications. Online marketing is largely dependent on the proper use of graphics, and the magazine industry still employs many professionals to present their knowledge and skills in graphic design. With a degree program in the field, one not only gains valuable experience, but creativity is mixed with the learning process.

By studying graphic design, you can participate in various projects; some may be for learning only, and others appropriate in the real world. Collaboration with other students and media people is also a focus that helps the student prepare for a career in a large industry. So the educational experience is not just about getting through school. It involves real work that reflects the techniques and environment of the prevailing work culture. Students look first-hand at how they fit in and can be prepared for a job in a creative and demanding field.

  • And a little about yourself – What are your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations? (What will make you perform at your best?)
  • The type of work – What kind of projects do you want to work on the most? (Business cards, brands, logo design, web design, etc.)
  • Understanding the labor market – Is your job very popular? Is there a lot of competition for your place? (What sets you apart when there is the high competition?)

Doing your research even before you embark on your journey will be very helpful in strengthening your goals as a junior graphic designer. If you do the right research, you can find a better position to attract the attention of pleasant employers.

Find Agencies You Want To Work For

By compiling a list of graphic design agencies you want to work for, you can use the elimination process and finalize the agencies you are going to contact. If you arrange it based on the above criteria, it will be easier to make a decision about where you want to work. The size of a graphic design agency is an important factor that you will want to consider. Usually, we work at larger agencies on more “internal-like” duties or small jobs such as editing photos, colors, etc., but you will have access to an understanding of how a large agency works, as well as the feedback and support from many others. Experienced employees. A smaller agency that can give you more responsibility for tasks and projects due to the smaller scope. While this is good, you can receive smaller compensation than a larger company.

Remember to choose the agencies that suit you best and where you will learn the most when looking for agencies. As a junior graphic designer, all the skills you learn in your first job will be invaluable – it will teach you how the graphic design industry really works in the real world (if they’re really is money), it will sharpen and confidence in your skills and improve your ability to communicate with the other designers and clients. If you choose the agency that allows you to work full time, you are more likely to have complete job satisfaction.


Your resume can give your potential employer an idea of ​​whether you’re worth looking into. It is important to make your resume clear and readable with appropriate typography choices. Your resume should reflect your design style and skill. Along with your resume, you also want to make sure you have a proper email or cover letter that formally introduces you, what your goals are and why you are interested in working at the specific design agency. Some important things to include in that letter include:

  • Who are you
  • Which graphic design school are you going to, and what are you going to take there
  • Why contact this graphic design agency
  • What do you hope to work for, and why do you think you are a worthy candidate
  • Any extracurricular activities in which you participated
  • All contact information


Your portfolio is very important to achieve your first job. If you are visiting a design school, you should have a few assignments in your portfolio. Remember to choose only the best work to exhibit – it shows your true potential and abilities. Many agency-owned graphic designers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications from junior graphic designers. They want to see portfolios and resumes that are original and fall out of the crowd. Generic portfolios will usually not even be looked at. If you have special talents or specializations, you need to focus on them!

Follow up

Contact the firm again after a week or so. Don’t worry you have not heard from there yet. Sometimes they get busy and cannot react quickly. Sending them a reminder not only thanks to them for taking the time to look at your portfolio graphic design, but it shows that you are passionate about getting a job at their business if you are offered a job – congratulations! If you are offered multiple positions, you need to be picky about where you choose. Do not always choose the graphic design company that will give you the most money. Sometimes these positions do not suit you well.

Getting a job as a junior designer right out of school is very doable if you do your homework and research before applying. Do not lose the drive and passion when looking for work. If you are turned down, do not worry and keep applying elsewhere. Put a lot of effort into your portfolio and resume, and you will reap the rewards in your first graphic design job!


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