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How Long The Battery Power Can Operate On Inverter?

Battery Power Can Operate On Inverter

The power cut is like a speed breaker of our life. All of our important daily works like study, cooking and many others are interrupted. After coming back from a hard day at work, you must want some relaxation and refreshment but the shut down can ruin your quality time. If you are facing constant power cut at your locality, then you may be thinking to buy the inverter.

However, it may not be the right solution to your problem as there is a deep connection to the quality of the Battery For Inverter with it. Unless the power of the battery is high enough to support the back up for a longer period of time; your investment for the inverter can go into the vein.

If you want to find out how long you can run the inverter on the battery, then you have to know a few things. This factor completely depends on the size of the battery and its compatibility. Moreover, there is the load that the inverter will bear to operate the gadgets. You have to buy the right size battery for inverter after deciding a few factors so that you can get the back for a longer period of time.

How the characteristics of the inverter can affect battery life?

If you want to know how fast your inverter can drain the battery, then you have to know how many gadgets you want to run during the power cut. It will help you to do the right calculation so that it can determine the required size of the battery.

Along with that, the time you want to run those appliances is also an important deciding factor. Not all gadgets you want to operate for a longer period. For example, gadgets like microwaves or mixer grinders will operate for a short period of time but you want a ceiling fan or TV to run constantly. It is directly related to the power consumption of different gadgets during the time and it can be measured by the watts of those appliances and the capacity of the battery.

Moreover, when you buy the Battery for Inverter, make sure to do the wiring in the right way as it can directly affect the running time of the appliance. You also have to check the compatibility between the inverter and battery and for a better installation; you can take the advice of the expert.

How long the Battery for Inverter will run?

While buying the battery, you can check the capacity of it which is denoted by the number of amps and approximate running hours.

To run a unit of 100 watts by the 12-volt inverter system, it needs the support of 10 DC from the battery. On the other hand, the 24-volt inverter requires 10 DC amp for 200 watts.

You have to calculate the total loads you need to run the required appliances during the power cut. You can check the input of each of the gadgets and sum up to get the idea about requirements. Now you also have to consider the time you want to run the appliances.

Finally, to get a clear idea about how long the inverter will run, you need to use the formula: {10 x (battery Capacity) / (Load)} / 2.

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