How Does The Juul Device Work?

Juul Device

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What is Juul?

Juul device is the contemporary and fashionable Vaping device and its trend is on the rise. Vaping has become a new culture that is gaining popularity among the youth of the country. People who desire to quit cigarettes for them e-cigarettes have become the best alternative. It has emerged as the new sensation among the new generation.

Juul device does not fit the old image of vape pens or other such devices as it is a long flat device with a smooth surface that almost resembles a flash drive. Juul is like many other e-cigarettes available in the market but certain features set it apart from the common ones. Juul is sleek and hardly noticeable and like others, it does not produce the cloud of vapours. The precedent set by Juul in terms of nicotine content is unmatchable in the e-cigarette markets.

juul device
How Does The Juul Device Work?

The Juul is charged by a USB charged to heat the ingredients rather than exposing it to a flame. The liquid vape juice that contains nicotine is stored in cartridges or pods in Juul.  During the whole process, the whole process the liquid nicotine is converted into vapour giving the feel of smoking a regular cigarette. These pods come in a variety of flavours that you can opt from. Juul aims to bring a change in the lives of adult smokers by eliminating cigarettes.

Juul in Dubai markets is very much in demands and so Dubai is one of the biggest markets when it comes to buying them.

How Juul is better?

Juul’s high nicotine content is the peculiarity that sets it apart from other products available in the market. After the popularity of Juul sets new benchmarks other e-cigarette manufacturers also began bumping up the nicotine content in their products. For quality control and that no one can fiddle with its originality it follows a closed system of filling the pods.  In this case, the users can’t refill the pods themselves.

Juul’s simple compact design and minimal smoke make increase its demand than many other brands because of its built-in temperature regulation. Also, it prevents the level of liquid in the cartridge from getting too low. It also stops overheating which produces a burnt taste and irritation in the throat.

Why is it popular?

Juul has become so popular for many reasons that set it apart from other e-cigarettes. I

  • It’s not expensive: If you compare the money spend on cigarettes till you opt for Juul you’ll find it less expensive.
  • It comes in many flavours: Juul is available in many flavours and few best flavours are mint, candy, fruit and chocolate etc. Now you can go for your favourite flavour whenever you want to vape.
  • It produces less smoke: You cannot fog up the entire room in some puffs with Juul as it does not produce a large cloud of smoke like cigarettes.
  • It fits everywhere: Because of its small size and its sleek design it can fit everywhere and can be carried easily.
  • Its sleek design: Juul is light weighted and looks very smart and stylish. Who doesn’t want to carry something that looks designer and manageable?

How does Juul work?

The basic concept of the Juul device can be easily comprehended as it is very easy to handle. But if you are an ex-smoker and have just made the switch it will be a little hard to track it down. The Juul is designed to give you the same sensation you get from inhaling on a cigarette as it’s a mouth-to-lung device.

All vapes contain E-juice, E-liquid, or vape juice which is the lifeblood of it. Other than this E-juice also contains food-grade flavourings to create tasty flavours. When E-juice is heated to a certain point, it vaporizes. This simply means that the juice is transitioning its state from the liquid to the gas state.

In the second place when the e-juice temperature gets too hot it is called combustion or burning. Combustion is the state that cigarettes used to deliver nicotine to the user. This creates a harsher and hotter smoke that is very harmful. In the case of Juul users reach this state if they are inexperienced and do not know how to use it.

Now we will move towards the mechanism by which Juul heat this nicotine-containing liquid to the perfect level for a comfortable vaping experience.

Step 1: Absorption of the e-juice

The first step starts with the absorption or the wicking of the e-liquid. The wick absorbs the e-juice and then heat to the vaporization temperature by the coil. Here the wick is made of silica and not cotton as in many cases. But why? Because silica has a lower absorption rate. This is why Juul rarely produced ‘Dry hits’ which means it never reaches the state of combustion which equals safe Vaping.

Step 2: The contribution of the coil

The wicks are wrapped in a metallic coil. The part that heats up and vaporizes the E-juice that was previously absorbed by the wick is the coil. When the electricity passes the coil through an attached battery, the metal in the coil heats up and the vaporization of e-juice takes place.

The whole Vaping experience depends on the material used for the coil as they come with their own set of positives and negatives.

Step 3: Let the heat work

The coils in Juul are like tiny wires, similar to wires in all of our electronic devices. Metal conducts electricity and so heats the metal wire to a particular temperature.

When you take a hit from the Juul, the battery activates, an electronic current is sent through these metal plates after the battery gets activated. Then it gets into the coil to create heat and vaporization of E-juice.

This vapour then rises from the coil, passes through the air tube, and gets into the mouth and lungs through the suction you produce.

Step 4: Repeat

The Wick in the Juul keeps reabsorbing the e-juice and the cycle continues in the same manner.

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