Friday, August 19, 2022
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Gmail Ads Are Bidding Goodbye! Learn The 5 Things You Are Going To Miss

Gmail ads are bidding goodbye! Are you upset about the fact that you will no longer be able to run…

Gmail ads are bidding goodbye! Are you upset about the fact that you will no longer be able to run Gmail ads and promote your brand?

Last year in December, Google shared a shocking story by announcing that all Gmail campaigns will be converted into “read-only” mode by July 2021. From the date onwards, advertisers won’t be able to create Gmail ad campaigns nor edit the running campaigns.

This is indeed very heartbreaking for the advertisers. Only the Display ad campaigns can be run on Gmail from the dedicated date, allowing the advertisers to promote their business and expand their reach eventually. Guys, if you are recently knocking at the PPC management company in Delhi, Noida India make sure you speak about this latest change made by Google.

Here in this article, we will discuss the features that you will be going to miss with the Gmail ads campaign.   

5 Things You Are Going To Miss Along With Your Gmail Campaigns

  1. No more manual bidding: Many of you will feel happy to find manual bidding strategies will be no longer available. But guys, there are certain situations where manual bidding actually works compared to automatic bidding strategy.

In recent times, you have the access to create CPC bidding manually. For example, if you are going to run a Discovery campaign without setting up a goal, you need to bid the CPC manually. It is true that not always manual bidding is worthy, but you should not always depend on automated bidding strategies as well.

Well, it is disappointing, but you need to accept the fact that manual bidding will no longer be your side from July 2021.

  • No option for device targeting: Whenever you set a Google ad campaign, you get access to target the specific devices on which you can run your ads. The advertisers have the control to select or deselect the devices so as to improve the performance of the ad.

Currently, people are having a habit of saving the ad on their desktops. This has made the ad performance much better for the desktop compared to other devices. Likewise, you have the potential to optimize the overall performance.

However, from July onwards, you will longer be able to choose any kind of device targeting option. In fact, there will be no such settings in your Gmail campaigns.   

  • Say goodbye to ad rotation settings: When you plan to run Display Network ads, you probably choose multiple ad copies to test in rotation. Now, this is a very good technique to find the best ad copy for your campaign. This allows advertisers to perform better in the Gmail ad campaign, gaining a good audience volume and more conversions. The best thing, you can use this setting to give the ad the same brand exposure for better judgment.

Unfortunately, you will be going to miss ad rotation settings from July 2021. You will no longer have the option to adjust the ad rotation for better performance. You just have to deal with the automated ad rotation option.

  • No more customizing HTML Gmail ads: In recent times, you have the option to move to Gmail ad settings and create your own ad with an HTML version. This builds up the user experience stronger and makes the ad much more creative and attractive.

As an advertiser, you must have used this and enjoyed this option a lot. However, only a few months left to enjoy customizing HTML Gmail ads for your brand. From July onwards, this particular feature will remain unavailable to the users. Just make it a note in your mind.

  • Integrating videos into your Gmail campaign is again a dream: Do you love integrating videos into your Gmail ad campaign? Many advertisers admire this feature as they get the chance to expose their brand in a visual way. People use to search for a relevant video on YouTube for promoting the brand. This engages YouTube audiences and opens up an option for remarketing. Too demanding option!

Unfortunately, you will be missing out on this emotional content to promote your brand through Gmail ads. In Discovery campaigns, you are not allowed to use video ads. That’s the bitter truth regarding the loss in Gmail ads!

Take Away

It is really tough to accept the fact that from July onwards you won’t be able to create new Gmail ad campaigns. Though Google gives you access to Display ads, the feeling to create Gmail campaigns for the advertisers is beyond explanation. What you can do is accept and adopt the new changes that have or will be stepping into the platform, giving you the leverage to grow your business in other ways.

Complaining what you don’t have will not actually work! Isn’t it?

You can look for the best digital marketing company experts who can carry out your work in a flow. Just make sure you follow the Google guidelines and learn what you are yet to know.


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