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Get Knowledge About The Future Mega Communities in UAE

Building the UAE's next mega communities

The project of Emaar properties known as the Dubai Creek Harbor is so massive that it will house as many as 200,000 people at once. Residents are attracted towards big projects like Dubai Creek Harbor due to the lifestyle it promises. Building The Future Mega Communities in UAE, you get the natural serenity as well as entertainment with all the luxurious amenities in the world in one place, who would leave that good of an opportunity? It’s accessible with all the comforts in the world. In a fleeting city like Dubai, these brilliantly innovative projects are what’s keeping these residents in place.

The best way to keep these residents settled in one place isn’t a massive structure but the feel of the community, social life, elite lifestyle as well as family-friendly sites. Religion, environment, as well as social status, appeal to the general population, and that should be the main target.

Designing Aspect of the Projects

Dubai is home to people who came here looking for security, luxury, lifestyle as well as safety. To most ex-pats, the jobs, as well as the elite lifestyle, is what holds the most importance. The longer you stay in Dubai, the better opportunities will knock on your door. For people who want to spend their life in Dubai, these people are looking for family-friendly communities, high social life, environment as well as stability. Another prominent feature of these communities is the amenities they offer. Love, work, play and relaxation all in one package is what settlers are looking for.

Another essential point of these mega-structures is to have multiple options. There shouldn’t only be apartments or villas. Rather they should have both. This gives more options to the residence to choose from. Not only have these given options for lifestyle but also options for prices as well. You get high-value villas as well as low-value apartments.

Future Mega Communities in UAE
Future Mega Communities in UAE

According to Muralidharan, 60% of all metropolitan inhabitants will be around the age of 20, which means the design matters a lot when starting new projects. By 2030, there will be a massive demand for innovative designs.

Making projects compact is one way of lessening the commute, which is what the professionals, as well as working parents, need. The lesser the commute, the happier the resident will be.

Following are the UAE’s future projects that will take over Dubai, making it the most leading city to invest in the world.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Build to house more than 200,000 people Dubai Creek Harbor will be a one of a kind project in Dubai. The ever-famous Emaar properties are developing this master development, and this project will take Dubai by storm. Panoramic towers will never-ending views of the waterfront will leave its residents in awe.

The amenities of pools, gym, spas as well as fine dining will make sure the residents are fully taken care of. For entertainment, there will be malls, cinemas, gardens, recreational spots as well as amusement parks. This six tower masterpiece will be the jewel in Dubai’s crown.

Creek Marina

Creek Marina is another project that sits at Creek Harbor luring in settlers and investors with its undying charm and luxury. The project developed by Emaar houses 2.6-million-sq-m of retail, hospitality as well as entertainment district. It’s one of the best projects that Emaar Properties has ever worked on.

You get to enjoy yacht clubs, parking spaces, gardens, promenades as well as the happy family-friendly community in Creek Marina. Schools, hospitals, malls as well as recreational spaces are also a part of this project.

Tilal Al Ghaf

What does Tilal Al Ghaf have to offer? Well, for starters, you get the best recreational spots here. The project is spread over a whopping number of 70,000-sq-m that has spectacular amenities like a lagoon to swim, sparkly beaches, lush green parks, paths to trek, walk, jog and cycle, restaurants as well as many other comforts. There is also a club for premium members that offers classes for cooking, recreational activities as well as personal development.

Makers District

Makers District is located in Reem Island in Abu Dhabi. It’s a project that is famous for its lifestyle as well as its social interaction enhancements. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, the community has a lot to offer. It encourages startups and creative minds. It’s the best place to invest as well as create your own entity.


These projects are not only leading due to their size but also due to the options, and they offer to the investors as well as the settlers. These comforts are what makes them so unique in the eyes of people who want to live and invest there.

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