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The Top 5 Fashion Shows on Netflix in 2020

For fashion enthusiast, there is no end to their craze, and desire for on-going fashion series, and shows through which…

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For fashion enthusiast, there is no end to their craze, and desire for on-going fashion series, and shows through which they learn new fashion trends, and styles which will boost their fashion sense, and wear the trending styles of dresses the celebrities are wearing in those trending shows.

Usually, people are fond of following the fashion trends, and styles of celebrities in their fancy dress parties, and other things like hairstyles, make-up, and shirts color to match up with their patent. Netflix is a wide entertainment hub, with millions of genre movies, and series published over the platform for years, but sadly it’s an American subscription-based platform and is geo-restricted overall the nation.

Although the doors for accessing Netflix are always open like you can access Netflix anywhere but you might see a difference in the library all around and thus you will need a VPN to change your Netflix region. Such as to watch US Netflix in Australia or any Netflix library anywhere.

The Best 5 Fashion Shows on Netflix 

Without wasting a time, let’s just move on with the quick review of our favourite shows, and movies based on fashion niche so you’ll get everything from our platform.

1.     GirlBoss

The first one on the list is, a movie based on the best-selling book revolving around a girl, who is a fashion enthusiast, and loves to try everything that is trending, and funky! Sophia Amoruso’s book is the one, which stands behind the movie, and this series follows the rise of Amoruso’s multi-million-dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal.

It is a comedy series, with one season launched in 2017 showing the fashion craze, and how she retailed her fashion empire with all her tricks, and strategies. The girl Sophia is a rebellious, and broken anarchist who further decides to sell her vintage clothing collection online, and then decides to grow potentially! Sophia doesn’t have a clear idea in her mind, although later she becomes a leading businesswoman, with her fashion sense, and realizes the value of her hidden talent, becoming the Boss Of Her Own Life!

2.     The True Cost

Do you love watching series, that have different fashion trends, and based on true-life stories? If yes, then The True Cost is the best one to go with because it showcases the journey of the filmmaker himself, Andrew Morgan who travels around the world to see the people, who make clothes for the world fashion, and what’s the criteria of coming up with a new trending style every other day!

It’s a documentary, drama consisting of one hour, thirty minutes with a wide positive response from the viewers endorsed directory for the perfect storyline, casts, and background.

3.     Advanced Styles

We usually see youngsters, and young ladies, girls in lead roles of any fashionista series, or movies although the gates for fashion is not restricted to any age group alternatively! This addition to our movies list is also a documentary drama with old age ladies, enjoying their lives, and wearing all the recent fashion trends leaving behind all the stereotypes!

I would recommend all my readers, to at least give it a chance, and watch the series as it has been rated with positive feedbacks reaching up to 92% as per the remarks from viewers.

4.     House of Z

Long dresses and maxies never go out of the trend, and that’s where the story of House of Z revolves around! It features archival footage and exclusive interviews of the look at the rise and falls, and comebacks of the charismatic fashion designer Zac Posen. It’s a documentary, based on 1 hour, 3 minutes having a very famous cast keeping the audience attached to the screens.

I would recommend watching this series, because you’ll see various long dresses styles, with vibrant colours which you can wear casually.

5.     7 Days Out

Lastly, we have 7 Days Out which is again a documentary, but known best for the casting, and crew overall! The story revolves around the Kentucky Derby, which is known as the most exciting two exclusive monitors in the sports, but you require a lot of hard work to prepare for the Churchill down for hosting the 1.25 miles race every other day!

The documentary gives the viewers an intimate feel of excitement, and drama of the seven exciting days, leading up to significant historical events, and additionally offers a look at the weekly updates leading to events, that includes the Westminster Dog Show, Chanel’s Haute Couture Fashion show, and the ‘ League of Legends’ group of champions too!

Wrapping Up

And that’s it for the day, and I hope you enjoyed reading this exciting article, endorsed with quality trends, and fashion advice adding value to your ordinary life. Although, if you still have some questions in your mind regarding the topic, then please do post your comments so we’ll come up with a relative topic next time!


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