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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Every Restaurant Needs

Whether you open a new restaurant or renovate your existing commercial kitchen in Dubai, selecting the right kitchen equipment is…

Whether you open a new restaurant or renovate your existing commercial kitchen in Dubai, selecting the right kitchen equipment is important. It can be a big investment for you at the start, but once done, it will provide you with a lot of ease. 

In this article, we have created a list of commercial kitchen equipment in Dubai that your commercial kitchen must-have. However, it is important to note that different types of restaurants may require various styles of equipment that are not included in the list, as this list summarizes the items every kitchen needs. 

Essential Restaurant Kitchen Equipment 

We have broken down our post into sections: cooking, storage, and refrigeration equipment. So that you can easily find out what you exactly need for your restaurant kitchen, let’s start reading! 

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment  

Cooking equipment is the mainstay of any commercial kitchen. When choosing cooking equipment for your restaurant, you must be sure about the kitchen equipment you will use more often.  

Small pieces of equipment may cost you less, but they do not meet the capacity requirement you may need in the restaurant. So before buying them, keep the budget in mind and be sure about what you need.  

Here is the list of important kitchen equipment supplies for your commercial kitchen: 

  • Oven: it is a versatile piece of equipment for multiple proposals. You can use it for baking, braising, roasting, heating food, and much more. So, an oven is necessary for your restaurant kitchen. 
  • Deep Fryer: this equipment is perfect for making chicken tenders, french fries, and other customers’ favorite food. You can use the deep fryer for frying a variety of different foods. 
  • Holding equipment: if you want to keep your food at some particular temperature, then holding cabinets are the equipment for you. They can keep the food hot until it’s ready to serve. 
  • Cooking Ranges: a variety of cooking ranges are available in the market. You can buy an electric or gas range according to your need, preferences, and, most importantly, kitchen setup. 
  • Broiler: a broiler is fit for finishing dishes, melting cheese, and toasting pieces of bread. Also, they have enough heat output to cook foods or broil salmon. 
  • Grill: grill can be a good addition to your commercial kitchen equipment. Grills, including charbroilers and others, add a smoky and charred flavor that’s perfect for many recipes. 
  • Griddles: these are similar to grills but have a flat metallic surface. However, griddles are a cornerstone in diners as they are used in different cooking methods. 
  • Microwave: having microwaves gives you the convenience of heating sauces, defrosting frozen foods, and reheating food items.
  • Coffee Brewer: coffee is one of the most liked and famous beverages. So, it can be a great addition to your beverage service even if you are not going to open a cafe or bakery. 

Refrigeration Equipment 

Various styles of refrigeration equipment are available in the market nowadays. It’s upon you as the style you select will depend on the type of your restaurant and your refrigeration needs.  

Here are some of the equipment that a typical restaurant may choose:  

  • Refrigerator: common refrigerators may include prep fridges, walk-in coolers, pass-through options, or reach-in fridges. Most probably, your restaurant will need a combination of several types. 
  • Deep Freezer: like refrigerators, a freezer comes in multiple sizes and styles to best suit your needs and food capacities. 
  • Ice Machine: at any restaurant, ice machines are an important component of beverage service. Moreover, bars, cafes, and grocery stores may use ice to get smoothies or blended cocktails. 
  • Beverages Dispensers: when choosing a dispenser for your restaurant, keep in mind the soft drink options you have to serve and which brand of soda you will choose.  

Storage Equipment  

Along with refrigeration, your restaurant may require storage equipment for ingredients and small wares.  Below we will discuss some of the standard storage equipment that you will find in most restaurants: 

  • Shelving: shelving can be used in the walk-in cooler or deep freezer for storing various foods. You can also use it for storing pans, dinnerware, pots, dry ingredients, etc. 
  • Sheet Pan Racks: These racks are designed for storing and transporting foods. However, you can also use them for holding and proofing loaves of bread. 
  • Drying Racks: these racks provide a wide place to store your equipment and air dry them. Drying racks are used for drying glassware, cutting boards, dinnerware, cookware, and utensils.
  • Business and Utility Carts: these are important to have in your commercial kitchen because of their utility. However, you can also use them in the front-of-house area for bussing tables. 
  • Food Storage Containers: these containers are the best multi-purpose tools. You may use them to mix up sauces, prepped ingredients, hold dry items like pasta or rice, and many more. All of the above also come with colored lids or markings so you can color-code them for your ease. 
  • Dunnage Racks: These racks are similar to the drying racks as they are also used for drying equipment. But the difference is dunning racks are mostly a few inches off the ground. So you can use them for heavy items like bags of rice and beans, canned bags, or large pieces of equipment. 


No matter what type of restaurant you are running, you need to have the proper commercial kitchen equipment. The type of equipment you need will depend on the food you’re serving, your budget, and your space. However, the equipment we have discussed above is essential for any restaurant.

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