COFFEE and CAFFEINE – The Lavazza A Modo Mio System of Consumption

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The word “Coffee” began its journey around the 15th centuries, and is still ruling our daily lives. There are only a very few who haven’t experienced the bliss of taste when a sip of coffee is consumed. Recently, several flavors and different preparation techniques for coffee have sprouted. But what may come, coffee is always the most trusted beverage of a common citizen. 

Why is coffee the most popular drink? 

A cup of coffee is full of antioxidants that can stimulate your brain and keep it active all day. Consumption of antioxidants daily helps your body fight against inflammations and keep it away from unwanted chronic diseases. They are mainly said to help to avoid cardiovascular diseases. 

Are you feeling drowsy and unable to concentrate on your work? A cup of coffee at such time is said to give your brain a surge of energy and excitement to keep working. It boosts your memory for a short time, making you create space for yourself to work a little more.


Few people even say that coffee is the best pre-and-post workout drink, as it boosts up your enzymes and makes you feel fresh for the day. Coffee seems to be the most popular drink among a large group of people. 

Can coffee be consumed in only one flavor? 

Well, the answer would be an absolute no. During the old age times, coffee was a drink that had caffeine and milk in it. But, recent times have brought so many flavors and intensities of coffee. There has been the evolution of country type flavors in coffee – for instance – Cafe Americano, Irish Coffee is all coffees that were specially curated for the particular people of that country.

Cafe Americano is said to have originated during the Second World War for the American Soldiers to have a lasting beverage. They mix hot water with a strong shot of espresso to bring out this type of coffee. 

Irish Coffee is all about the brewing of whiskey, sugar and a thick cream of milk. New Zealand’s coffee stores don’t keep this coffee in their stores, owing to its alcohol content. Yet, restaurants have them for their Irish flavor. 

There are other flavors like cappuccino, cafe latte, flat white, espresso, mocha, Vienna and affogato in coffee that are spread around the world. There are various kinds of people who prefer their coffee in different styles. 

How should you buy coffee? 

There is not any big science in selecting coffee for your daily consumption. If you know the intensity at which you want your coffee – then you can select the coffee that you want. 

There are several ways to prepare coffee. You can either get the coffee beans, grind them and make your coffee powder, or you can directly buy a coffee powder, instant coffee bags, coffee pods, or you can even buy the decoction capsules and prepare coffee at your homes. You can opt for buying coffee as the Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules.  

You can buy your coffee base based on the cost, flavor, aroma and caffeine content. Because at times exceeding the amount of caffeine in your blood can also cause you unexpected problems.

Why should you buy coffee with the Lavazza a Modo Mio system?

The origin of Italy and the people’s favorite espresso comes in a setup where you can easily prepare your morning coffee without any difficulty. A Lavazza machine, along with Modo Mio Coffee capsules, can make you get your beverage without any hassle.

The Modo Mio pack comes with nine different coffee flavors, additionally including the swiss water Sumatra which is the best-decaffeinated coffee available in the market. These coffee pods are definitely winners because they do not compromise with any factor like quality or the taste. 

One can easily buy the Lavazza machine and these Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules to satisfy the taste buds with an excellent aroma and taste. Why wait when they are so easily available on the online platforms? Order today and have a happy morning every day.

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