Best Employee Monitoring Software To Keep An Eye On Office Staff

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Business organization whether large or small employers have to keep an eye on their employees these days because technology has prevailed in every business. Nowadays, every business firm is highly equipped with digital phones, laptop and desktop devices running with Windows and Mac computer devices. Employers have provided multiple types of devices to their employees to store the confidential documents and to perform digital operations on business-owned mobile phones and PCs.

All these expenditures are necessary to generate revenue but employees have to become productive in working hours. However, cyber threats are on the rise and black hate hackers can steal your data stored on the devices within no time.

Even rouge employees can steal your intellectual property and also get involved in goldbricking activities in working hours particularly on the company’s phones and computers. So, there is dire need to keep an eye on office staff in working hours to the fullest. Now the question arises how employers can monitor employees in working hours? The answer is pretty simple and state forward you need to use some sort of best employee monitoring software to keep an eye on employees for business safety and to raise productivity to the next level.

How Install Employee Monitoring App On Business Owned Devices?

If you want to keep an eye on office staff for business protection and as well as to safeguard it from cyber threats and threats from inside and lastly for data backup. All you need to do is to perform the following steps to get the tools to spy on employees in working hours. However, employee tracking software is packed with three products that empower you to track cell phones and tablets and also empowers you to do surveillance on windows and mac computers.

Step1: Subscribe For Employees Spying Software

Once you have decided to do surveillance on companies owned phones, tablets, Windows and MAC devices. Now use your personal computer or mobile browser connected to the internet. Visit the webpage of the employee’s surveillance app and further visit the different products such as cell phones and computer spying app. You can get subscriptions for all the products to monitor your staff with different devices. Furthermore, get the credentials such as the password and ID of all the products that you have subscribed to.

Step2: Get Physical Access On The Target Cellphone Or Computer

Once you have got the subscription online then further get physical access on the target device with the accordance of the subscription whether it is a phone or computer laptop desktop device. Start the process of installation and once you have completed the installation then activate it on the target device.

Step3: Activate Your Web Control Panel

Now use the credentials such as passcode and ID and activate the control panel of your cell phone and computer surveillance app respectively. Furthermore, you can visit the features of employees monitoring spyware mentioned below.

Use Powerful Cellphone And PC Monitoring App Features To Monitor Employees

Live Screen Recording:

User can record live screen activities of employees business owned cellphones, windows, mac with a screen recording app and make short back to back videos of the screen. Furthermore, you can upload all the live recorded videos to the web control panel.  You can see the live activities of staff on business owned phones and stay updated.

Browsing Activities

The end-user can remotely get access to the target cell phone devices of employees and get to know all the browsing activities in working hours and get to know whether browsing activities are productive or not. Furthermore, you can get to know about the bookmarked websites.

Social Media Monitoring

Employers can remotely get to know what employees are doing on business-owned mobile installed instant messenger. You can get the logs of messages, conversations, multimedia, and voice messages.

Block Websites: The Windows Spy App

You can remotely block time-wasting websites on staff PCs remotely and put the URLs of the websites into filters.

Screen Recorder: Mac Tracking App

The end-user can remotely get access to the company-owned mac laptop and desktop devices and record live screen activities of laptop and desktop computers. It will empower employers to know what employees are doing on their devices.


Best employee monitoring software is the only tool of its kind that empowers employers to keep an eye on staff devices owned by the company such as cellphones, tablets, windows and mac computers. It means employers can remotely get to know what they are doing on the business-owned devices. So, they can monitor productivity and further enable to protect the business from hackers and rogue employees.

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