7 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Celebrate a Peaceful New Year at Home with Your Family

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The biggest party of the year is New Year’s Eve. It’s an occasion where people unite with their loved ones to celebrate. People prepare themselves by shopping gifts for the New Year; also, people send New Year cakes to their loved ones living away. It’s a day of celebration and hope, and it’s just around the corner!

Best Places to Celebrate a Peaceful New Year

People around the globe will soon be welcoming the New Year with friends, fireworks, songs, and parties. A holiday that doesn’t recognise any nationality. If you are prepared to stay up late and luxuriate in the merrymaking, then here we bring you the best places to go to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

1.    New York City

For more than a century, Times Square has been a centrepiece of New Year’s activity. Approximately one million people will gather into the square to witness the famous ball fall. In addition to that, roughly another BILLION people will watch from their homes; this makes it a massive event of the year, each year! If you want to witness the ball drop, then arrive early, as people begin clustering in the afternoon to get a suitable spot, and make sure to dress warmly. However, there are several parties everywhere in the city, and most people go to a few of the downtown bars, clubs, or a house party!

2.    Sydney

Australia hosts one of the largest fireworks displays in the world and is one of the first countries to experience New Year’s Eve, making Sydney the first major city in the world to welcome the New Year. The fireworks last approximately fifteen minutes, and the best views are from the surrounding hills or one of the boats in the harbour. Post the display; the celebrations typically continue until daylight breaks. Australians love to revel on this day as it is also in the middle of the summer season, so the weather is always fantastic! Accommodations vanish quickly, so make sure you book in advance if you wish to celebrate the New Year in Australia!

3.    London

London welcomes the New Year with a breathtaking display of fireworks initiated from the London Eye. You can witness the fireworks from balconies and rooftops throughout London, so there is no need to move around to get the right spot. If you want to experience the display, then the best glimpse is from the north embankment of the River Thames and Westminster Bridge. It is also a good time for shopping and to send New Year gifts to your loved ones.

4.    Paris

A beautiful spot for a romantic New Year’s Eve getaway is in Paris. It has fantastic fireworks, clubbing, high-class dining, and the opportunity to sip Champagne on the Champs-Elysees. Close to midnight, you can see the lights of the Eiffel Tower glow. Montmartre is another fantastic place for spending the evening, as it provides an astonishing view of the whole Paris skyline. You may not get a similar standard of epic fireworks like the one in Sydney, but there are many exuberant parties throughout the city.

5.    Tokyo

You can head to Tokyo if one night of partying is not sufficient for you. Tokyo begins celebrating on the 29th of December, providing you a few extra days to rejoice and give a proper farewell to the year. The parties not only start early, but it almost doesn’t seem to stop, and the celebrations here go on until the 4th of January. The major tourist sites remain closed during this time in the city, but Tokyo’s streets, restaurants, and clubs are swarmed with visitors and locals alike. The town provides you with dancing, numerous fireworks display, and all kinds of karaoke that you can sing!

6.    Las Vegas

This city certainly knows how to throw a New Year’s Eve bash to remember, after all, Las Vegas parties every night throughout the year. There are numerous hotels, clubs, casinos, and bars to pick from, so it is almost impossible not to celebrate in style. Outside, roads are closed to traffic so everybody can enjoy the splendid fireworks display high above the city lights. If you wish to plod through the crowds, go downtown to Fremont Street and enter the huge block party with a massive wine toast, confetti, a five-block-long illuminated canopy 90 feet overhead, and concerts by big-name rockers.

7.    Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of those places that can’t be beaten when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Their New Year’s Eve parties are one of the most amusing parties you will ever witness. Every year, more than 100,000 people participate in the two-day celebrations involving fireworks over the castle, Viking procession, concerts, bonfires, and a carnival, the fun is out of this world. People swarm the place, so make sure to book your tickets in advance.

If you want to celebrate a peaceful new year at home with your family, you can do so as well as long as you enjoy it. You can also send new year flowers to family, friends, and relatives, letting them know that they are in your thoughts.

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