10 Eastern Office Outfit Ideas To Look Elegant And Trendy

10 Latest Eastern Office Outfits Ideas for Fashionable Women

When you are dressing for the workplace, many believe that eastern women have limited options. That’s not entirely true, there are still a variety of outfit ideas you can try without breaking the norms.

Whether you are looking for formal or casual dresses for women to wear at the office, these are some of the options in summers and winters:

10 Latest Eastern Office Outfits Ideas for Fashionable Women

#1: Blouse and Jeans

Whether you have to sit at your desk all day look or you will be running here and there to attend meetings, a blouse and jeans is an outfit you can wear every day. It is one of the most comfortable dress choices for the workplace.

Pick a printed blouse but make sure it is work-appropriate. Don’t forget to pair it with trendy heels and jewelry like studs.

#2: Pant Suit with Statement Shoes

If your workplace is strictly formal, then you need a bunch of pantsuits in your closet. Apart from pastel colors, you can also choose quirky hues like purple. It’s easy to find traditional pantsuit with a modern touch. This attire is another name for elegance.

#3: Business Casual Look

This is one of the easiest looks and it translates to jeans office wear. Follow one rule – pair your outfit with heels. Choose the bag depending on your job.

#4: Skirts

Ditch the skirts with large flare and pick an A-line skirt. You can wear it with a blouse and blazer. Don’t forget to wear pumps and all the right accessories with it. Choose colors that match your personal style and you will impress everyone in the room.

#5: Wear a Blazer

If it’s chilly out there, pick a blazer. The best part is that you don’t have to wear a top and jeans to wear a blazer, you can even wear it on shalwar kameez. It makes even a casual outfit into some structure. You will catch the attention of every eye.

#6: Palazzo Pants and Short Kurti

Pick a pain short Kurti and pair it with stripe palazzo pants. Likewise, if you are wearing a solid colored palazzo, then pair it with a printed blouse. Feel free to wear this outfit to a meeting, a personation day or even every day at work.

#7: Long Kurti and Cigarette pants

This is a very common eastern look for the office. Cigarette pants have been in fashion for a while now. Long Kurtis is an evergreen outfit option. This combination is great. You will not just look professional but elegant. Choose from an embroidered long Kurti or solid colored Kurti. This depends on your choice.

#8: Shalwar Suit

This is one eastern outfit you can never go wrong with. It’s acceptable in all offices unless there is a rule to wear a pantsuit.

It’s best to wear pastel shades. You can pick any fabric you like cotton, lawn, silk, and georgette – anything that fits the weather and make you shine. You will look stylish yet professional in a shalwar suit.

#9: Trench Coat

Another nice option for winter outfits is a trench coat. It looks great when worn with pumps or long boots.

#10: Polo Tee and Formal Trouser

If you are looking forward to wearing a casual outfit for the workday, you can pair a formal trouser with a colorful polo t-shirt. To add an element of fun, you can also pick a bright color.

Some Tips for Workplace Attire

There are a few tips that you must follow to be among the well-dressed women in your office. While you are free to choose from the ideas mentioned above, don’t forget to follow these guidelines:

  • Always wear a third item. This could be a cardigan, a blazer, scarf o any accessory that is prominent.
  • Make sure the clothes you wear fit properly. Your attire shouldn’t be too big or too small. For this, you might have to visit a tailor to get clothes stitched according to your size. Buy clothes that fit the shape of your body. This way, whatever you wear, you will look flattering.
  • Be wise in choosing the colors. You are dressing up for the workplace so avoid bright and bold colors especially when they are against the dress code. Stick to pastel colors and choose decent patterns.

Final Words

Now you have plenty of eastern office outfit ideas. They will help you transform your workplace attire routine. Some of these semi-formal outfits for ladies can also be worn to semi-formal events organized by your company. Good luck with dressing your best.

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